You don’t settle for sub-par service elsewhere,
why should the dentist be any different?

When you step into our office, you can wave your worries goodbye. We’ve taken the dread out of dentistry and turned it into an experience focused first and foremost on your comfort. Receive exceptional care in a setting so relaxing you might mistake it for a spa, and walk away feeling refreshed and proud of your bright, healthy smile.

Nice People

Our team includes the best kind of hosts. They’re welcoming, hospitable, and genuinely pleased to make you feel at home.

Easy Scheduling

Your hands are the fullest kind of full, so we take easy scheduling seriously and, if you want, you can book your entire family at once.

Expert Care

Whether you’re looking to prevent problems from happening or need immediate attention, we’ve got your oral health covered.

Meet The Team

portrait of Virginia Office Manager working at  north scottsdale dentistry


Office Manager
north scottsdale dentistry Melissa


Registered Dental Hygienist
north scottsdale dentistry Holly


Registered Dental Hygienist
closed up portrait of Lana working  at  North Scottsdale Dentistry


Expanded Function Dental Assistant
portrait of Alanna Registered Dental Hygienist working at  north scottsdale dentistry


Registered Dental Hygienist
portrait of Louwani Certified Dental Assistant working at  north scottsdale dentistry


Certified Dental Assistant
closed up portrait of Kirsta working  at  North Scottsdale Dentistry


Registered Dental Hygienist
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